Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I am back...well sort of

I don't have anything crafty for you today but I thought I would share a couple of pictures from our little trip.

These double rainbows greeted us when we got into Utah. We hit some rain off and on. I thought that the double rainbow was a good sign that we were going to have a successful trip. We enjoyed the visit and of course got to see a couple of the grandkids (one we just saw for the first time).

We have not been able to light off our own fireworks for many years so it was a nice little extra to be able to light off our own this year. This is Grandpa and our grandson with sparklers. It was so much fun to see his reaction to all of the fireworks. The neighbors and all lit off fireworks, so we had our own little show.

When we got in it was in the middle of the night so our grandson was sleeping when we got in but to see his face and excitement in the morning when he saw us there was all worth the long drive. He seemed to be tongue tied at first but ran into my arms and then we he saw Grandpa, tells the tale that he missed us.
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Lorie said...

What a beautiful promise that rainbow is! Adorable pictures of the grandkids too! You are blessed!

Missy said...

Awesome pictures. What a great time it sounds like you had.