Friday, June 19, 2009

How would you like this in your yard?

I don't have anything crafty for you today but I do have what was in our yard.

I went out in my patio one morning and saw this running across. I tried to get a picture of it then but he took off. I thought he was gone until my husband opened the garage yesterday to get his motorcycle out and this came up to his heel. We tried to chase him out but in ran back in and hid somewhere so we closed the garage and figured he would get out somehow. This afternoon when he opened the garage he was hanging on the door. Our grandsons was chasing him and it was like he posed for me to take a picture. But the silly thing ran back into the garage and is still there until another day. Hopefully not too long!!

Have a great day!!
Hope I will be able to get in the craft room soon. Until later.

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