Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

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Good Morning!! I have another birthday for you today! Our youngest grandson turns a year old today. I like to call him my birthday present from last year. I spent most of the day at the hospital waiting for him to be born. I was actually hoping he would actually be born on my birthday. I guess he wanted to have is own day and came into this world a little over four hours later. That is okay he is here and we love him and is so cute!!
We actually celebrated his birthday about a week and half ago. His dad is in the military and they were transferred and left last week to their new duty station.

My daughter asked me if I would make him a banner for his birthday party. This is what I came up with. She really liked what I did. Instead of it saying Happy Birthday she wanted his name, this way they can hang it on the wall in his room.

Here is a close up of a couple of the banners. He seems to be drawn to ducks so I had to add a couple on a few of the banners. After I was done making the banner I still needed to make him a card so I decided to make it to match the banner. Instead of putting a little in the circle I put "Happy 1st Birthday". I really liked how it turned out and will be making more.

Happy Birthday Garrett! Love and miss you! Grandpa and I hope that we will be able to make a trip to see you and your brothers before too long. Have a wonderful day!

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JessicaLynn said...

Happy Superbowl Sunday,
I just wanted to say hello and to also say that I just love this card. The colors that you picked for it are perfect.
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Have a great day!
Jessica Lynn