Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Birthday and a Giveaway....

Happy Tuesday... It is my birthday!

This little one is actually me several years ago..... well 57 to be exact. Actually I think I was a couple of days old in this pic. I wanted to show you the announcement my dad made. But it seems that it is hiding somewhere. I know I just saw it not to long ago but now it isn't there but I found this pic which is the one he used. You would think being the 10th child it wouldn't be that exciting but I guess he was excited to have another girl. He didn't have any sisters himself and there were 5 boys.

Since it is my birthday and instead of me getting the gifts I would do a little giveaway to one of my readers. I am not asking you to do anything but to leave me a comment. It can be about whatever you want. You could even give me some advice about my blog. I will leave this open until Sunday evening and then announce the winner here on my blog Monday. Here is a pic of what I have to give away.

I would also like to wish my sister-in-law Beverly and niece Christina a very Happy Birthday.
Thank you to everyone who stops by,
Have a wonderful day,


Lorie said...

Oh, Liz! A very happy birthday to you! I have no advice to give you other than to keep making all your beautiful cards! :) Have a very special day!

Jennifer Scull said...

have a most glorious birthday! enjoy! :)

Diane Jaquay said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth, and many more!!!

JessicaLynn said...

Happy Birthday!! I would love to win :)

My birthday was on the 4th :)