Monday, August 17, 2009

New Storage...

well, not quite yet.

Hello Everyone!! How is everyone's week going so far?

Look at what my hubby built for me over the weekend! Isn't it great! Now it needs to get painted and a handle put on the drawer. He loves to build things. He has built a few pieces of furniture that is in our house and our kids. Sometimes he hates it when I start looking through magazines and see a piece of furniture that I like. I just found a couple more this last weekend and he told me to just tear the picture out and he will put it with the others. I just love the things he makes because sometimes we change things a little so they are pretty much a one of a kind. I do have more copics to go in it. I just wanted to put a few in so you can see what I will be using it for. I will post a picture when it is finished.

I was hoping that I would have a project of my own to show you but it isn't done yet. I hope I can get in my craft room tomorrow and get a few things done.

Have a wonderful night and I will see you tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by!
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Lorie said...

Wow Liz...that is wonderful! I would love something new to put my Copics in!

Missy said...

Awesome job!!! When/if I ever get more copics I would love to have one of these for myself.

Crafty Num Nums said...

So cool!!!! It really does look like mine :) I should have had dad make mine instead of buying, lol!!