Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Toy....


Hello, everyone! Hope everyone is having a great week! Look what I found at Michael's!! My husband commutes to work and sometimes when he has to work on Saturdays it is a short day so I will go with him and have a day out shopping or whatever. It is close to the ocean so I take a drive along the coast or sometimes even stop and sit on the beach and watch the surfers or boats and even read a book. Oh, how I miss living down there but do not miss all of the traffic that goes along with it. I did a little shopping on this trip and went to a local Michael's and was just looking around and happen across this wonderful tool! My daughter has the red one and I thought this one was small but she says it isn't. Since I have been wanting one for a long time now but I didn't pick it up then because a 50% coupon I had wasn't until the next day I decided to wait because the price was 39.99 and with a coupon how could you go wrong, right? Well our local Michael's doesn't carry it but went to another and they had quite a few, so now I have one! Not only is it pink but a portion of the sales goes to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. This is one close to my heart because many women in my family have fought this disease and my sister lost her fight to it almost 29 years ago. I really miss her!

Hope to be back with a project real soon!
Have a wonderful day,
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Lorie said...

I got one of these too! I LOVE it!

Keva said...

I have yet to use one of these tape gliders, but I hear good thinsg about them. Maybe i'll have to give it a go!